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The life a sex slave.
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in sub_of_two's LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 13th, 2005
9:30 am
hi all

new years was great. had alot of fun. i do have a web site up or pics. if you would all like to see it you can go to the link at the end of this log. i have been not been doing anything more. other then helpin out a friend in need. o there is something that happened that was cool and scary at the same time. i hydoplaned on the freeway comein back from my friends house the other day. it was raining really hard and there was alot of water on the road. i was driveing a long an came to the place in the road that was covered with water. my tires lost trackshon and i lost come control of my car a little and i hydoplaned in to the fast line. thank god i didnt hit anyone or run in to the wall. it was hella scary when it was happening. but hella cool later when i talked about it. well that all that is new right now. do come and chack out my web site at http://www.southern-charms2.com/bustybridgette/main.htm thanks for reading my journal. :)

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
7:54 pm
Merry x-mas
well i have had a great x-mas this year i have see my mom and other family that i care about. i have gotten a few gift that are cool. i am seting here at home right now my masters are out with family will be back later and then we will open things that are here at that house and have are x-mas. i hope all have had a great x-mas and hope the new year is even better for you all. hope to here from the few people i know that are on this. love you all. night

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, December 24th, 2004
2:37 pm
Marry X-mas
hope everyone x-mas it the best it could be and if you have all your loved ones with you and get all that you want. i hope to see my family and friends this year but i have not found out if that will happen. well still sick but workin on getting better every day. love you all. talk to you when i can. :)

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
1:02 pm
just wanted to let you all know that that my site is up and runing if you would like to see if write back to me of im me on one of the messengers and i will give you the link to the page. i am so happy that is it up and run. up many of you come and see me on my new site. love you all.
Monday, December 20th, 2004
1:11 pm
first time writing here
well, this is the first time i have ever been on this site or written anything on a site like this. today is like every other monday. home alone until 4 to 5. have to clean and think of something to make for dinner for the week.

Current Mood: bored
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